07 May 2018

At the end, of course–White Nights

While I deny that I am going "full Boulez" here, I think the Tooth Fairy deserves that I should try again (at the mix, not so much the source material, in spite of the fact that we might find frequent and reasonable fault with the 'video performance').  We have a Triad rehearsal tonight, so I doubt I shall assay to mend the Fairy this side of Tuesday evening.  The sound level is generally too low;  I suppose I was overcautious, knowing how when I combine tracks into a single mix, the volume is apt to get out of hand (it did not, in this case).  But also – and I did not notice this until (rather strange to relate, really) I watched the video on my TV screen – the synchronization of audio and video is a little off. It is a lesson to me, to make sure I am testing at full screen while yet on the laptop.

Yesterday's rehearsal of Rejoice was good, a lot of hard work for my handbell choir . . . the combination of three factors (the piece's rhythmical quirkiness;  using mallets rather than just plain ringing the bells;  and each member being responsible for three bells rather than the usual two) is the driver for the need to rehearse harder than is quite normal for us.  But they are all having fun with the piece, so they are engaged.

What is undeniably an agreeable sign:  while my head rested on the pillow last night, the next Scene for White Nights came to my inner ear quite clearly;  and I began the scribbling on this morning's bus.

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