01 January 2018

Then, and Now, and What Next?

In the week leading up to New Year's Day 2017, I was keen—if at all possible—to complete the second movement of the (three-movement) Symphony. And, that done, a year ago today I set to work on the third and final movement. This year, the week between Christmas and New Year's was a restful time of hanging out with family. And in fact, even today I decided to nap at will, rather than drive myself to get work done.

Tomorrow is soon enough.

There are (as ever) several musical tasks to be resumed—White Nights, The Nerves, Sleepyheads, Wake Up!—and, in due season, resume them I shall.

The priority at present, however, is naturally the set piece for the April concert at King's Chapel, for two voices, three instrumentalists and fixed media: Heart So White. For which, before today, I had not yet got so far as a folder and Opus number.

How to set about it? For much of this time, I have been thinking of setting the text for the voices, and seeing to the fixed media afterwards. But today (and I suppose this may just qualify as getting to work after all) I am forming the design for the fixed media, and so, I expect that I am about to compose the several layers more or less in tandem. Which is undoubtedly an artistic approach.

And so, the ice has been broken.

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