04 October 2017

St Paul’s, Ten Years Ago

From the Archive :: 4 Oct 2007

Bless the Lord, O my soul is on for this Sunday, 7 October.

Nuhro has been bumped [a] week, from 4 November to 11 November.

And if Pete [Lekx] takes to the piece, we may add 
Steve Hicken’s The Rings of Saturn to our 5 December recital program.

Pete & I later refreshed The Mousetrap for an exclusive audience of student composers at the College of Wooster.

Last night I arranged Louis Bourgeois’ Rendez à Dieu for our doughty handbell choir at HTUMC.  And there is a hymn which (lacking our organist because her car was put out of commission by vandalism) we deselected this past Sunday, as it was too unfamiliar to us;  but it is a beautiful tune, and I am contemplating arrangements for both the choir, and the handbells.  Maybe together.

On that theme, I may re-arrange My Lord, What a Morning for the handbells & choir.

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