03 October 2017

henningmusick: The adventure begins [3.x.2013]

henningmusick: The adventure begins

And so, today marks the fourth anniversary of my first rehearsal as M.D. at H.T.U.M.C.

It’s all been going delightfully, and long may it so continue. (Next rehearsal is the day after tomorrow.)

Excellent Triad rehearsal last night. It was the first we had all six men for to rehearse The Dying Californian, and the piece is in good shape. I had prepared a series of 4:3 rhythmic drills for strengthening ensemble confidence in the Salve; but last night was a by for that piece, and probably a week’s rest was a good idea.

Henningmusick rehearsal tomorrow evening—our King’s Chapel concert is a week from today.

What to do tonight? A couple of handbell pieces, I should think. Rehearsal of the handbell choir starts this Sunday. Must have music marked and in the folders.

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