17 January 2017

Not done just yet

On my return home Friday evening, the score of the third movement as I had printed it out ran to 96 measures, almost one and three-quarter's minute duration.  My original outline for the Symphony plans on the third movement lasting five minutes.

I continued work Friday evening (light-ish duty), Saturday morning, some more light work Saturday evening, Sunday afternoon and evening, and this morning [I wrote, Monday afternoon the 16th].  Some of the start of work at some of the sessions included managing or tweaking some of the last bit of work of the day before.

Here on Monday afternoon of the Martin Luther King holiday, I am setting the work aside for the rest of the day (I believe).  The score presently stands at 218 measures, the timing of the mechanized score is now four minutes and a quarter—so that (by my outline, a reference which is of course always subject to artistic revisitation) I have about 45 seconds of music yet to write, to carry the Symphony to its final double-bar.

I can see my way to the end, and will resume that tread Tuesday.

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