30 November 2015

Thought as the shade of the music

I have not actually heard any version of "Little Drummer Boy" on the radio yet (and that is how I like it).

But I've seen complaints on social media about "Little Drummer Boy" on the radio, before Thanksgiving especially. (I am largely sympathetic to the complaints.)

So, I've not yet heard a note of "Little Drummer Boy" this season. Normally, that would mean I just don't think of it (and that is how I like it). But the amusement of the on-line complaints has necessarily evoked thoughts of "Little Drummer Boy." But, I am not complaining . . . I am not thinking about any to-me-odious recordings of "Little Drummer Boy," but of one or two recordings which I do genuinely enjoy.

I may not need actually to play them; enjoying the thought of them, may quite suffice.

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