25 June 2014

Various sorts of ready

Finished the refurbished, bass clarinetted version of the piece, (very nearly) what everyone was expecting. I was simply taken with the idea of employing the marimba part as a fixed element, and writing a wind counterpart of different character, and seeing if I could not craft a new (albeit clearly related) composition. I may be too close to the project at the moment to tell, but I think I may possibly have succeeded.

The parcel from Lux Nova has arrived, and there will be Henningmusick for sale at the table in the lobby of First Church for the events tonight and tomorrow night.

A total of 46 items will be available for purchase:

Love is the Spirit (20 copies)
Alleluia in D, SSA version (10 copies)
Alleluia in D, SATB version (10 copies)
Three Short Pieces (3 copies)
Organ Sonata (3 copies)

I am in principle prepared for any outcome ranging from [ at the end of Thursday, nothing has been sold ] to [ everything is bought up before midnight tonight ]. However things play out, I shall report.

The idea with the octavos is that single copies are purchased, and the client then goes to the webstore, for however many copies are needed for his or her choir.

I've also prepared a leaflet with URLs of the Lux Nova Press webstore, and of YouTube performances (as available) of the music for sale.

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