14 June 2014

So close!

Close to wrapping up the "new edition" of Night the First, Scene 1 . . . have finished 33pp. of the original 42.  I've made the occasional alteration, very few, really:  a couple of odd bits of scoring which needed improving, and the improvement was effortless;  a couple of places where there was unnecessary voice-crossing between Violin I and II, not that I object to voice-crossing, but in this case the first draught made for unnecessarily annoying wide intervals, and redistributing the pitch for a few measures was an easy fix.  And the original had an extra change from A clarinet to Bb, which proved unnecessary, the affected passages lying equally well under the fingers without complicating the players' evening with yet another change.

I shall sleep on it, but there is one passage which has me wondering . . . is it okay to drop back on the melodic focus for one passage, or is it (as it stands) "dull," does it need . . . something?

That one possible cavil aside, the whole Scene is a piece of music of which I find myself mighty proud . . . I could not tell you exactly when I first composed it, probably 12 or more years ago.

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