21 January 2014

One fine day

A lot of musical news today:

  1. I feel pretty certain that I have finished the Credo.
  2. Had a great rehearsal with Peter. (And he gave me a lift to the T stop in the falling snow.)
  3. A very nice e-mail message came in from Kirstin, advising me that she intends both to play Nicodemus... herself, and to have a student play the Sonatina.
  4. Perhaps a fourth item . . . I'm fixin' to write a setting of Leo Schulte's "The Crystalline Ship" for mezzo and (wait for it) baritone saxophone, for a program Peter is playing in (I think) March.

And now, to rest . . . .


  1. Peter's a good friend. Friends give you rides; real friends drive getaway cars. :-)

  2. Aye. I hope I never have need for a getaway car, but . . . the way I have been composing . . . .