30 July 2013

Past the half-way mark

Curiously, the shade of Carl Orff lingered nearby, and almost before I was aware of it, I found myself incorporating a motif associated with his most famous film score, erm, oratorio in the pageantry/tournaments stanza.

The practice I seem to have settled into, has been to write the voice line (and perhaps for the entire stanza), and add the clarinet after.

When I did my daily composing yesterday, I made my way through to The glow, the blush, the beating hearts of lovers . . . and, while I felt that I knew generally how I wanted to continue, I did not quite ‘see’ it.

Today, both in the morning on the train, and at the top of my lunch hour, I heard (and with such clarity, that I wondered why I fancied I did not hear it, yesterday) the rest of the stanza. At this point, then, The Mystic Trumpeter is a bit better than half done, and the process is still rolling.

In the back of my mind, I am forming ideas for the clarinet/marimba duo.  And the time is nearing when I shall need to send along parts for Misapprehension.

And over the weekend, I was introduced via email to a choral conductor in Rhode Island with whose choir Henningmusick may possibly make a good fit.  We shall see.

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