18 April 2012


Henningmusick: grown on small sustainable alternative tonality farms.
Speaking with Peter H Bloom yesterday (after he & Mary Jane Rupert performed s. & g. again, and with characteristic excellence), I said, “Now and again, I find myself thinking of writing another bass flute and harp piece, but then I think, What do I write, after stars & guitars?
Putting that thought into words as I did, I then thought further: Well you write a shorter piece for bass flute and harp.
Peter & I went on to speak of a multi-media program, artwork by the exquisite Maria, and Henningmusick, on a bird theme. “You have bird-music, right?,” Peter rhetorically queried.
And in the time since, I have formed thoughts of a bass flute and harp piece to be called Mockingjay.
Yesterday, I began to watch Kenneth Branagh’s film, The Magic Flute. Can hardly believe that I did not know before that the inimitable Stephen Fry is responsible (the technically and legally correct adjective) for the English translation. I like it! Would have seen it through to the end, only the recital left me so exhausted, I required a restorative nap.
Last night (when I was restored to a TV-viewing condition), I revisited “Town of No Return,” the first of The Avengers episodes to feature Diana Rigg. Now, this must have been the very first Avengers which I saw, after a decades-long absence; and then, it must have been the first time ever I saw that episode, period. So there was much subtlety (and, really, some not-so-subtle content) which I missed. Now that I’ve been watching some of the Tara King episodes, it is even more amusing to see that Patrick Newell puts in an appearance as Jimmy Smallwood (who has a dog of a time, arf).
Did I notice that first time that the Vicar (who, after all, is not really a Vicar) mistakes Mozarts Ave verum corpus for a requiem?

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