25 March 2012

Back to the Avenging

Strange (possibly) to say of something which originally aired 5 April 1969, but:


If you’ve not yet see The Avengers episode “Killer,” do not read on. Unless you consent to the Spoiler.

Here goes:

Interesting that the episode seems designed as a break from Tara King. (I should note that, unlike the Mrs Peel episodes, which I did [re-]view in chronological order, I am not at all organized or ordered in my exploration of the Tara King season.) A bit amusing that the return of Tara from here vacation, and all the postcards she sent, play up the notion of her being schoolgirlishly besotted with Steed. (And why the heck not?)

The acronym for the “villain” is fun; the episode on the whole notches up the trippy element of the series. Although Steed is theoretically prepared for the final encounter (benefiting from such clues as the autopsies of the killed agents could provide) he’s signally lucky. Bit of a risk-taker, too: after the crushing “bookmarks” have made their attempt, he passes through with his brolly held laterally, but I cannot think it would serve as much prevention, in the event of a repeat smash.

The last bit beggars belief somewhat . . . if the fellow is clever enough to design and build such a machine, is he going to be stupid enough to shout at a keyboard typewriter with any hope of success? But then, of course, he would have been in a panic, and people do irrational things when they panic. Call that a draw.

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