14 February 2011


I’ve had word from most of the performers to whom I had initially given 18 May as the St Paul’s recital date. (I’ve been asked if I can bump to the 19th.) Hoping to put on the first complete performance of Castelo dos anjos … with some crack singers, one of whom is partner unto an intrepid percussionist. And, yet happier still, my friend Shauna is on board to record the date.

For the rest of the half-hour program, I’m fixin’ to write a trio for alto flute (the ever-reliable — and equally intrepid — Peter Bloom), clarinet & (beginner-ish) cello.

Separately … a new-ish acquaintance is an animator, shortly to be graduated from Mass Art, and we’re plotting Henningmusick for a three-minute animation she’s working on.

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