30 November 2010

At rest yet

Music was invented to deceive and delude mankind.
— Ephorus, 4th century B.C.

Compositionally, I’ve found myself enjoying an unexpected sabbatical. I mean, there are pieces I plan to write, some of which in fact are already begun (not sure I’m allowed to say they’re “works-in-progress” when I am not at present contributing to their progress). But mentally I am enjoying a true vacation.

And, mentally, I must be getting close to rested up, because I do find composition-oriented thoughts creeping up on me with increased frequency. Not yet the Cantata, nor even the completion of Tempus fungus . . . but last night I found myself remembering that Paul Cienniwa asked me for a harpsichord version of Lost Waters. (The thought was, I suppose, prompted by Lance’s selection of the harp suite as part of this Saturday’s broadcast.)

I still haven’t set a back-to-work date. But when I do get back to work, I may start with the light duty of that adaptation.

Lebrecht is moaning over Louis being awarded the Grawemeyer Prize, I see. Ho-hum, Lebrecht.

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