22 June 2010

Today, Tuesday 22 June

Cool Winds (& a Guitar)

Nicole Chamberlain, Maraschino (fl/cl)
Brian Chamberlain, Lost Hollow Road – II. Reflections (fl/gtr)
B. Chamberlain, Chasing the Storm – III. The Storm (gtr solo)
Karl Henning, three for two, Opus 97 (fl/cl)
№ 2: All the Birds in Mondrian’s Cage
№ 3: Swivels & Bops
N. Chamberlain, Toxicodendron (fl/cl/gtr)

Nicole Chamberlain, flute
Brian Chamberlain, guitar
Karl Henning, clarinet

Tuesday, 22 June 2010
West End Branch, Boston Public Library
151 Cambridge St Boston, Massachusetts 02114

Free & open to the public

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