28 November 2009


Without this mp3 player, I should probably never have listened in immediate succession to Agon, and then to “Locomotive Breath.” Nor was the device set to ‘randomize’ — it was an act of listening Will.

Not a lot — call it a middling volume of detailed tweaks I’ve been applying to the score of the Opus 92 Passion, in preparing it for press over the past week. Not enough work to complain of, and in all events, the result is looking good.

Apologies to all the virtual friends to whom I promised discs. I will get to them, and yes, before the year is out.

One piece brand-new to me over which I enthuse is the Copland Organ Symphony. Our friend Ben knows why, though there is a timing reason why Ben doesn’t know (just yet).

Just landed (courtesy of Ben) is the Maazel/Cleveland recording of Prokofiev’s Romeo & Juliet. More on this, later.

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