09 November 2009

Inspirational Obsession

      What moves men of genius, or rather what inspires their work, is not new ideas, but their obsession with the idea that what has already been said is still not enough.
      Eugรจne Delacroix

Very busy of late, and delightfully busy, with an unusual density of practicing. There are a few measures in Irreplaceable Doodles, and a few measures here and there in the Studies in Impermanence, which I have never (or seldom) played quite right. It may be that the perfect execution may elude me this time, as well, but its fun to have that for a goal. In all events, the playing will go well; I have no objection to better still.

The necessary preoccupation with the impending Atlanta appearances has forced a temporary shelving of Discreet Erasures. Should have no difficulty taking that project back up promptly, the week before Thanksgiving. Erasures is a complicated enough project that I want to leave it for when I can devote more focus to it but I have not wanted to leave off composition altogether. So, on Monday and Tuesday of last week I whipped up a five-part unaccompanied choral setting of a text which seems it ought to be in the public domain (but were investigating), for Paul at FCB. Piece was largely done by the end of Tuesday, though I knew directly that I wanted to tighten a few nuts here and there . . . wasnt able to re-open the toolbox, though, until Friday. The finishing took very little time, and (even while I dont include the piece in my personal top 20) I got the score to where I can own it entirely.

Now, Paul wants a melismatic Amen. Well, and why not?

Found a few minor edits to apply to the Finale files for the Passion (why not have it looking its best as it goes to press?)

Hoping to revive a musical conversation this Wednesday evening.

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