30 November 2009

Brief Encounter Indeed

Although we didn't stop to listen (opera via radio is one of those highly specialized experiences for which we find we need very much to be in the right frame of mind), Irina & I heard the synopsis of Act I, and the first couple of minutes of the Overture to a Houston Grand Opera production of a new work by AndrĂ© Previn, Brief Encounter.  It may well be all right;  and from what little I heard of the music, I might wish that I had had both the time cleared for such listening, and the steam so that I might have attended to the piece. (Opera I generally find much easier to devote full attention to, when in the actual theatre.)

All I can really do this morning as a compensatory gesture in Previns honor is, listen to his recording of Prokofievs Cinderella with the LSO (recorded in April 1983).  Will Brief Encounter make it to Boston?  Who would bring it here?

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