31 August 2009

Memo and Envelope (Verso)

Dear friends,

I wanted to write to confirm that we are all on for a concert on Thursday evening, September the 17th, at the West End Branch of the Boston Public Library (151 Cambridge Street)? (We are, BTW, listed on the library’s calendar for September.)

The library has reserved the room for us from 6 (so, Peter, we shouldn’t have to hang out waiting, as we did late July); we’ll start a-playing at 6:30.

We talked a bit (long ago) about the program; reflecting that conversation, the program I propose is this:

  • Heedless Watermelon (fl/cl) (7')
  • Irreplaceable Doodles (cl solo) (6')
  • The Angel Who Bears a Flaming Sword (alto fl solo) (12')
  • Lost Waters (hp solo) (12')
  • Studies in Impermanence (cl solo) (20')
  • Tropes upon Parasha’s Aria (fl/cl/hp) (2')
There is, alas, no remuneration for the concert; the space is provided to us at no cost, and the concert is to be free & open to the public.

Conscious of not wishing to impose on your time any more than necessary: need we get together ahead of the concert to play through the Tropes, or should we count simply on running it once or twice at 6 on the 17th?

Peter, you and I should probably rehearse the Watermelon again before the date. Please advise me of your preferences/availability.

Thank you both again for your many kindnesses; I hope you have had a restful, enjoyable summer!


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