26 August 2009

Further Refresh

Chalk it up to true fling-it-on-out-there bloggery . . . I hit Publish Post too quickly, and my list of new items on the Sansa Fuze player was incomplete:

Tallis, Spem in alium &c., Oxford Camerata, Jeremy Summerly
Ginastera, Four dances from Estancia, Opus 8a, Orquesta Ciudad Granada/Josep Pons
Ginastera, Harp Concerto, Opus 25, Magdalena Barrera / Orq. C. Granada/J. P.
Ginastera, Obertura para el « Fausto » criollo, Opus 9, Orq. C. Granada/J. P.
Ginastera, Variaciones concertantes, Opus 23, Orq. C. Granada/J. P.

The player itself has 4gb of internal memory, and I’ve docked in a 4gb card for good measure. Although I have begun to load music onto the card, it seems I have not yet even loaded music enough to fill the internal capacity.

On first fetching in the device, I had the idea of listening to music while riding the bus/T/train. That would probably work better if I invest in noise-cancelling headphones . . . there’s enough ambient noise (especially on the bus), that attempts to listen to Debussy piano music in such circs is futile. I had not thought to load non-classical onto the Fuze, before the realization that such steady volume levels suit the commuting environment better.

In general, I remain loath to dedicate too much capacity to the non-classical. Looks to be plenty of space, though (maybe even more, if I do the re-load routine with, say, the Shostakovich Opus 87).

Plans for further sonic lading include:

Shostakovich quartets (Emersons)
Shostakovich symphonies, less nos. 11 & 12 — to which I don’t mind listening from time to time, but, don’t need them on a portable device (Shostakovich, fils)
Vaughan Williams symphonies, less A Sea Symphony & A London Symphony — where I do really like A Sea Symphony a great deal, that, too, is an elective work . . . and I prefer listening to it with unbound ears (Haitink/London Phil)
Hindemith, Kammermusiken (either the Chailly or the Abbado)
Nielsen concerti (maybe Springtime in Funen, too)

Maybe some Piazzolla

Fripp, Exposure

Actually considering Trout Mask Replica, as well.

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