05 August 2009

Fresh Every Time

For now, though, I should concentrate on Après-lullaby; for which I have three very different sketch-snippets.

I should probably just discard them, and get to proper work, afresh.
Wrote that last night, thinking, oh, where will I find those sheets? Actually, they surfaced with surprisingly apt timing today.

I am sure that one and a half pages are already inhabiting a Sibelius file, so I must be some kind of endorsing it. Will investigate further tomorrow.

Meanwhile, in the train-ride home tonight, I amused myself with writing a little counterpoint . . . a bit longer-breathed than the counterpoint for Marginalia.

How do I incorporate this (and shall I incorporate it in more than the one apparent way) into Après-lullaby? Oh, I do love composition so.

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