26 August 2009

Errata (not mine)

Probably there were bad typos even in the LP days (even though record companies actually had editors on staff, and all).

A couple of mystifying typos I only noticed today, on CD reissues:

Trout Mask Replica (as if anyone but me cares): On the track list near the beginning of the booklet (but not on the tracklist on the back sheet of the case), the colon is peculiarly misplaced in “Hair: Pie Bake 1” (sic) Doesn’t make sense like that (though one could argue that sense is not the driver, wherever the punctuation is placed). No such problem with “Hair Pie: Bake 2.”

Chicago VII: The song is “Woman Don’t Want to Love Me”; Peter Cetera sings “Woman Don’t Want to Love Me”; the second line is She says it makes her cry, both of the pronouns singular; subsequent lines provide further affirmation. Yet, everywhere on the Rhino reissue, it is printed “Women Don’t Want to Love Me”; and now that bizarre erratum has multiplied on the Internet.

Ah, the Internet: breeding ground for bizarre errata.

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