12 May 2009


A recording is now out of the long-mislaid Hindemith concerto for the left hand (one of a number of such works commissioned of famous composers by Paul Wittgenstein). But the pairing is the puzzling Dvořák “New World”. May just wait for the post-premiere recording . . . .

(Well, nothing puzzling about the Dvořák symphony, only about the combination of those two works. Whether on the disc, or on an actual program.)

An old friend from Wooster is in town, for a radiology conference. Suit me up!

Our man in the Manhattoes is hold up well in the midst of the Mahlerama, though he must be looking forward to the seventh-symphony stretch.

The recording of the premiere of Mark Simon’s Silver Spring is a delight to listen to. Fans eagerly await Movement II.

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