06 April 2009

op 95 adjustments

A rather busy degree of bass flute activity to ‘drive’ the overall [G] section was always in mind. While working on the harp ‘thrumming’ for [G], though, I ‘thought’ a tempo only related to the harp. So, now that I’ve composed the flute ‘monologue’, the tempo is too fast. To find and mark the ‘correct’ (i.e., more musical) tempo was an easy adjustment to make.

Another adjustment required by everything now being ‘in place’ was, the ending needed a bit more ‘relaxing/expansion’, I thought; in a way, it’s an odd thought, making one’s way to the end of (what I was originally estimating at) an 18-minute piece, and feeling that it ends too abruptly — although, musically, it is exactly what one wants, in a sense — that the listener should want more. Here, the music really did require a bit more. Before falling asleep Saturday night, I composed a new ending.

However, when I went back to the MS., the new ending was much, much simpler. My head-on-pillow solution in this case was over-composed, and I still know how to use an eraser.

And it’s nearly there. Just need to add one measure more.

Then, of course, there’s finishing work . . . .

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